IRC Bot Behavior Bundle (IB3)

IRC bot framework using mixins to provide commonly desired functionality.


The irc python library’s provides a nice base for making a new bot, but there are many common tasks needed by a robust bot that it does not handle out of the box. IB3 collects some commonly desired behaviors for a bot as mixin classes that can be used via multiple inheritance:

from ib3 import Bot
from ib3.auth import SASL
from ib3.connection import SSL
from ib3.mixins import DisconnectOnError

class TestBot(SASL, SSL, DisconnectOnError, Bot):


  • pip install ib3 (recommended)
  • python install (from source distribution)


IB3 is licensed under the GNU GPLv3+ license.


Some code and much inspiration taken from Wikimedia irc bots Adminbot, Jouncebot, and Stashbot.